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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. . .

  • by Lindsay Guthrie
  • | Monday, September 26th, 2016 PM

No, no, it’s not Christmas time (though I did see Christmas ornaments this weekend in CVS!), but it’s fall interview season.  We’ve been very business on campus with four different schools providing case interview workshops and mock interviews.  Students are understandably stressed trying to prioritize long term hiring with short term grades, assignments, and projects.  I thought I’d offer my top three pieces of advice on case interviewing:

  1. Find someone who really really knows case interviewing to do at least one mock, so that you can make sure you aren’t practicing bad habits.
  2. Remember that this is a mock client meeting and not a Q&A session. Make it conversational, ensure you are providing a confident presence, and make logical and clear recommendations.
  3. Speak in outline format – if you have three recommendations you should say ” I have three recommendations, first XXXX, second, YYYYY, and third ZZZZ”  It makes a huge difference for the listener (who might be giving their 8th case of the day) and it shows you can manage a senior level client.