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What Makes Your Heart Sing?

  • by Liz Adams
  • | Monday, May 18th, 2015 PM

We all feel like one of the most significant decisions that we will make in our lives is what career to pursue.  It seems like a huge decision when one is trying to enter the fulltime workforce for the first time.  The stakes seem enormous;  many feel that one’s happiness and whole life’s work fulfillment are at risk if one makes the wrong decision.  With very limited real life preparation or experience, we feel we must choose a path for our future.  It is no wonder that so many people get stuck in the trying-to-decide stage – sometimes for many years.

Having coached hundreds of professionals, I have found most people can gain clues and insights into themselves and their long term goals by focusing on 3 question areas.

  1. The Past: What do I want to be when I grow up? Remember when you were 5 years old and someone asked you that?  What was your answer?  What fascinated you then?  What did you daydream about becoming?  It is helpful to remember who you were at the very beginning of your life, before the world had a chance to influence your perceptions.  That person is still there and waiting to give his best to our world community.
  2. The Present: What am I really good at?  What are my strongest skills? What do I enjoy doing and learning the most?  What makes your heart sing? (The opposite can be equally helpful:  what do you loath?  What do you hate doing?)
  3. The Future: At the end of my life, what do I want to be remembered for?  Do I have a greater purpose I want to accomplish with my life?  Without a goal in mind, it is extremely unlikely that one will meander his way to his own personal growth. With a goal in mind, there are numerous and varied paths to plan.

The answers to your career search lie within you.  What makes your heart sing?