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What kind of job can I get with a liberal arts degree?

  • by Lindsay Guthrie
  • | Thursday, May 7th, 2015 PM


Bloomberg published an article today about college graduates from top Ivy league schools going to “coding school” to learn technical skills to get a job.  The article highlights the fear that every liberal arts major and their parents think about their college major. . . what in the world am I going to do with my liberal arts degree?  Having been a liberal arts major myself and having coached many many through their job search, I can promise you that there are plenty of jobs available out there for liberal arts majors.

Liberal arts majors generally come out school with a couple of very key skills:  critical thinking, expository writing, analytic reasoning, and the ability to consume large quantities of information and distill all of it down into few major points.  Those particular skills are taught over four years by professors, teaching assistants, and classmates.  They take a long time to hone and truth be told are very difficult to find the time to hone later in life.  Employers are itching for candidates that can write well, think deeply through a problem, and present reasonable recommendations and action plans forward.  These types of roles are often called some variation on analyst (business analyst, organization analyst, etc) and they require individuals with just the key skills listed above.

So, as you or your child embarks on a liberal arts degree, you can breathe easier knowing that there are in fact jobs available at the end of the rainbow (I mean, college).