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  • by tcppAdmin
  • | Friday, March 20th, 2015 PM

In our inaugural blog, we wanted to welcome all of you to the space where will share our personal thoughts on career planning, thought leaders, great articles, and trends in the industry. The thing that ties us together most tightly is our shared love of coaching and helping clients find their career path. To stay on top of the job market, the three of us read constantly. A day does not pass by without at least one of us sending an article around saying great article, please read and add to our library. Some of the articles are about skill building and hiring trends and some of them are about understanding the trends of our clients and their interests, skills, and desires. Regardless, we are constantly learning and debating and sharing and critiquing and we hope to be able to share those internal conversations with you. Please sign up to follow our blog as well as our Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages. We look forward to chatting with you!