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Juniors or Seniors – 10 things you should be doing NOW – October

  • by Lindsay Guthrie
  • | Thursday, October 29th, 2015 PM

For Seniors:

Most seniors have now wrapped up (or are in the midst of wrapping up) fall on campus recruiting and are thinking. . .NOW what?  If you didn’t receive your dream offer during on campus interviewing, then read on . . .

  1. Take a moment to debate your results from on campus recruiting.  Did you get a lot of interest?  Did you have trouble getting final round interview invitations?  Make an appointment with careeer services, your parents, or a mentor and debrief them on how the recruiting season went.  It helps to have a trusted sounding board listen to your self-assessment of the process.
  2. Regroup – so you thought you wanted to go into investment banking, but you didn’t receive any offers?  Ok, what is Plan B and C?
  3. Develop a new list of target industries and employers.  Try to identify at least 20 new targets. (if you tried i-banking, would wealth management also be interesting?  If you tried strategy consulting, could federal consulting be interesting?)
  4. Identify a recent graduate alum at each of your new targets and request a 15 minute informational interview.  Remember – ask for ADVICE!  The call is not to ask for a job.  They know you are looking for a job – you know you are looking for a job – however, their job is not to get you a job.  Their job is to help you better position yourself and to help you learn more about this new industry/employer that you are pursuing.
  5. Refresh your LinkedIn profile with any fall internships, jobs, or awards you have received, so that if you contact someone they can see your most up to date accomplishments.

For Juniors:

Some of you may have had early internship interviews on campus already . . .and some of you are still in the research phase of on campus internship interviewing awaiting interviews in January and February. . .

  1. Now that you can see the full calendar of employers that are coming on campus, make sure you have spoken with at least one alum at every target employer.
  2. Cast a wide net.  Finding a great internship for your junior summer is critical to success as a Senior.  However, if you only target the five most competitive companies on campus, then you may be left scrambling come March.  Instead, approach your applications like you approached applying to college – reach companies, definite possibilities, and safeties.  Remember – the safeties are interviewing at the same time as your reaches, so don’t wait to see how things work out with your reach school before applying to the safeties.
  3. Make a plan to do some networking during your extended winter break.  If you are from a major city, then offer to meet alums face to face for  a quick coffee or ask your parents if they might know someone in your target industry that you could meet with in person during break. If you aren’t from a city with a lot of potential employers, can you make plans to visit a roommate or friend in a city with networking potential?
  4. This is also a great time to refocus on those companies that aren’t coming on campus.  On-campus recruiting is the low hanging fruit, but there are thousands of employers that aren’t coming to your career center, but that might consider you for an internship.  Winter break is an excellent time to begin speaking with those employers about potential internship opportunities.  And remember. . .if they say they don’t hire interns, they might hire recent college graduates, so offer to stay in touch next year!
  5. Refresh your LinkedIn profile with any fall internships, jobs, or awards you have received, so that if you contact someone they can see your most up to date accomplishments.