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Gearing up for fall recruiting

  • by Lindsay Guthrie
  • | Thursday, August 13th, 2015 PM

Fall is in the air. . .which means returning to school, buying all of your books, starting classes . . .AND. . .fall recruiting.  If you are a senior in college or a second year MBA student (or a final year master’s student in anything from an MPP to an MPH), you know exactly what’s lurking around the bend.  Here are our five top tips for gearing up for fall recruiting in August:

1) Take your last few days of freedom from school and poke around your career services site to familiarize yourself with the on campus support services available.  Almost all schools provide some one on one counseling as well as many webinars, videos, and downloads to help you prep for the fall.

2) Finalize your marketing materials. Now is the time to get your resume, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles up to date.  Once classes start, it’s so hard to spend time on these items. And, if you can believe it, many of you need to start dropping your resumes by early September.

3) Develop a list of your top 15 target on-campus employers.  To develop this list, research who came on campus last school year, what types of positions they interviewed for on campus, and how many offers they made.

4) Take the list of target employers and put them in Excel.  Make columns for:  on-campus information session, on campus drop date for resume/cover letter,  on campus networking events, and first round interview dates.   We can’t tell you how often a student realizes they’ve “missed” the information session or “missed” an application deadline.  This is a competitive market and employers don’t grant extensions.

5) Have fun!  This is a chance to learn more about all kinds of companies, roles, and industries.  Yes, it will feel tedious at times trying to stay on top of all of it while also going to class and doing your homework (yes, the REAL reason you are in school), but try to remember that it’s also a great opportunity to have so many companies comping to YOU!