Archive: May 2015


Can I make a 90 degree turn in my career?

  • by Lindsay Guthrie
  • | Friday, May 29th, 2015

One of the most common questions I receive as a career coach is “is it too late for me to change my career.”  Whether you are five years out of college or five years out of graduate school, it is always possible to make a turn in your path.

The hardest pivot is that of being a double switcher – meaning switching industries and functions.   For example, right now you are working in marketing at a financial services firm and you think you want to switch to an operations role in a manufacturing company.     If you can find an anchor .... Read More


What Makes Your Heart Sing?

  • by Liz Adams
  • | Monday, May 18th, 2015

We all feel like one of the most significant decisions that we will make in our lives is what career to pursue.  It seems like a huge decision when one is trying to enter the fulltime workforce for the first time.  The stakes seem enormous;  many feel that one’s happiness and whole life’s work fulfillment are at risk if one makes the wrong decision.  With very limited real life preparation or experience, we feel we must choose a path for our future.  It is no wonder that so many people get stuck in the trying-to-decide stage – sometimes for many .... Read More